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Alexandru Florea
Alexandru Florea

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Hi, I'm Alex! Nice to meet you

At work

Hi, I'm Alexandru, a young(ish) PHP developer. I have more than 6 years experience in web technologies and a couple more in the now non-existing Flash.

I've been reading articles on this community for quite some time and felt inspired to write a bit about myself.

More about the early days at (WIP)

I am passionate about web development, especially designing systems architecture and backend code. I do dabble in Vue.js and well, Js in general ... but I don't care much about CSS(my brain just never wraps around it the right way :P ). I do however like anything about UX.

I've started PHP and web from scratch after years of Flash animations and mini-apps. It was tough, at least at first. I had to work my way up through:

  • old codebase debug
  • analytics engines that used Mysql clusters, in memory tables, tens of workers etc
  • Wordpress development
  • random 'frameworks' bought by clients that afterwards wanted everything changed
  • new app development, from Laravel, v3 up to 5
  • leading teams that create and maintain sites, that now power entire businesses for our clients

My experiences, long nights, random errors (looking at you emoji and strlen), console.log that break IE and many, many more helped shaped me, and now in return, I am trying to shape the young devs at my workplace.

I think I will try to write more, it's starting to grow on me.

Ps. I collect toys from KinderEggs, so that clear desk above is just an anomaly

At work

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