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Exprelsior - Dynamic lambda expression/Predicate generator

Hello, everyone!

I present to you my new open-source project: Exprelsior!

Exprelsior is a .NET Standard library that enables .NET developers to create strongly-typed binary lambda expressions from pure text using it's own query syntax or from the expression builder method.

With support to all major .NET data types, including nullable types, nested properties and it's own query syntax, Exprelsior brings the creation of dynamic predicates to a whole new level.


This pure, simple string: "eq('Name', 'John')"

Gets translated to this:

t => t.Name == "John"

Then you can use your expression normally. This is specially useful if used with an ORM like Entity Framework, because it enables you to create predicates dynamically.

Here's the link to the project:

Hope you like it.


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