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Good article, Florian.
If you add:

  • effect to manage side-effects
  • unsubscribe when this service is destroyed
  • replace BehaviorSubject with ReplaySubject(1) to allow the state to be initialized lazily

then you'd pretty much re-implement @ngrx/component-store :) (ngrx.io/guide/component-store)

Check out the source: github.com/ngrx/platform/blob/mast...


Thanks, that's interesting! ReplaySubject... And I thought every Store uses BehaviorSubject ;)
Still for an DIY StateService I think BehaviorSubject is the most straightforward option.

Regarding unsubscribe:
Maybe I can clarify in the post that the services which extend the StateService are supposed to have the lifespan of the application. If such a service would have the lifespan of a component then it should have an option to unsubscribe.

effect is cool!


The problem with DIY is that many of the cases are overlooked (and could be error-prone) 😉
What's better than a well-tested tiny lib that handles these for you? 😃

Btw, I typically try to caution about such services that live for the lifespan of the app (unless it's the Globally managed store) - even though I list it as one of the use cases (ngrx.io/guide/component-store/usag... - still working on the docs).
It's very easy to loose track of things.

Is @ngrx/component-store supposed to be used also in long living (app lifespan) singleton services? I thought that state with the lifespan of the app would be more a use case for @ngrx/store.

I will ask you on discord :)

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