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My first npm package: sequelize-airtight

alexparra profile image Alex Parra ・1 min read

I've recently published my first npm package: sequelize-airtight

There are some features to add before bumping to v1.0.0 but it's taking shape and progressing a little bit every day.

The goal is to extend the validation methods available in sequelize (through validate.js) in order to make your models and data safer and reliable.

Additionally, it includes mutators that allow you to transform values on write (overloading each field's set method) or on read (overloading each field's get method).

All validators and mutators are opt-in meaning that just installing the module won't cause any changes to your models.
Per field, you can add a new attribute airtight that can contain the validators and mutators to apply.

I'll surely write more about how everything works closer or at time of the release of v1.

I took this opportunity to learn and use GitHub Actions workflows and also dependency aliases which allowed me to easily test against sequelize v5 and v6 continuously.

Today, I'm just putting the word out and inviting you to have a look and possibly find something I've overlooked till now.
All constructive feedback is highly appreciated.

Very curious to know if this "clicks" with the community.



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