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Preparing to share a platform with experts from Twitter and Atlassian. 5–6 December we are going to DevFest Siberia!

This is one of the largest-scale IT events in Russia outside Moscow and St Petersburg. An international conference for developers and others: here we will be discussing Big Data, design, and strategy for digital products. Experts from the USA, Australia, India, Argentina, Israel and European countries are expected in Novosibirsk.

Google Developer Groups and ‘Academpark’ are permanent sponsors of the conference. Academpark, known as the Novosibirsk equivalent of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre near Moscow, is a technopark where work is being done on bio/nanotechnologies and IT.

The conference will be attended by over 900 people from across the world. Guests will include experts from Twitter, Airbus, Atlassian, JetBrains and other major companies. Speakers are due to give talks on various subjects: on the development of mobile apps, frontend, backend, information security and other subjects.

Two experts from Ice Rock Development are also among the speakers. Naturally, they will be speaking about Kotlin Multiplatform.

Our technical director, Alexey Mikhailov, will be:

— Talking about Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile;
— Addressing problems with the technology;
— Telling the story of how we created the MOKO open-source libraries, and how they are now helping us with development.

The topic of libraries will be further explored by Android developer, Aleksei Lobynia. He will focus in detail on MOKO widgets:

— Talking about the library architecture;
— Showing how to write UI using shared code;
— Demonstrating application interfaces on Android and iOS, written using this library.

For us, the conference is a chance to draw IT experts’ attention to multiplatform technologies. We believe that these need to be developed in consultation with others; the more developers are working on them, the more new ideas and solutions they will have to offer.

Afterwards we will make sure tell you how it went! So, please subscribe to our public page and follow the news!

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