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We are participating in the development of the international Kotlin Multiplatform community

Our specialists at IceRock have contributed to the documentation for the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile portal ( This has been prepared by the JetBrains team, the creators of the Kotlin programming language. The portal helps programmers who study this language independently and use the multi-platform technology.

Android developers are familiar with Kotlin and understand its benefits – it's capacious, secure, and user-friendly. And iOS app developers can easily learn the syntax because it is similar to Swift.

Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (multi-platform) is a set of tools for developing cross-platform apps. It enables business logic to be written just once for two operating systems, Android and iOS. The multi-platform helps reduce the time spent on writing, testing and debugging apps.

We have been using this technology at IceRock for more than 2 years and have released 14 projects based on it. We will talk about this soon in our business cases.

Thanks to their experience in Kotlin development, our specialists have participated in writing documentation for the portal. It contains the following information:

● multi-platform projects and how to get started with them;
● the mobile Kotlin multi-platform allowing such projects to be created;
● what libraries to use and where to find them;
● the business cases that allow the experience of other development teams to be studied.

It also provides technical documentation and guides for common problem-solving.

Several portal sections have been written by our specialists: Vladislav Areshkin @tetraquark_v and Andrey Chernov.

Links are provided below. The content is in English.

Organizing the code writing process using the Kotlin mobile multi-platform:

Using the SQLDelight database for the multi-platform:

Ktor framework for building an asynchronous client/server architecture that provides high program performance:

The Kotlin Multiplatform language libraries:

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