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Discussion on: Functional Programming: The Basics

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Amanda Hasenzahl Author

I have participated in many code reviews before and am always open to any critiques that are offered in a constructive manner. I have removed the Higher Order Function/Function Composition section completely and will add it back in once I have had the time to go over the material more.

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I haven't seen your high order examples, because you've removed, but what Jakub T. Jankiewicz describes here is correct. I'm using Javascript for the Lambda Calculus. So the programming with pure functions and that only works with high-order functions. My GitBook about that (it's in German):

I really recommend every JavaScript developer to read the articles of Erick Elliot, as Jakub T. Jankiewicz points out in the post above. The book is also very groundbreaking.

But a very another inspiring source is also Glebec ( )
I really really recommend to watch this:
Fundamentals of Lambda Calculus & Functional Programming in JavaScript: