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An artist does not always produce art, though expected, one must explore the unknown to find the profound.

A follow-up segment of my initial post.
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The psychoanalytic and the unconscious bravery to venture into the depths of technological advancements


The oppression of different licensing types, open-ended questions.

  • Are there any bodies of work that show a statistical correlation between the differing licensing types(perpetual licensing, subscription licensing, floating licensing, whitelist licensing, academic licensing, off-line duration licensing, trial, feature, or fixed duration licensing) and to what degree does that hinder the forward momentum of a project?

  • What would be most universally fundamental for an open source project with a large contributory body to thrive successfully given the assumption of proper management and not dispensed with, at least, not in a contemptuous way or even a dismissive manner but with the collective goal to create something of unquestionable purpose and meaning?

Let's address the wolf at the door, save the tyrant for another war.

  • The narcissism within that has yet been controlled (a paradoxical ideology, we are all dangerous individuals, but that which is not evident is that the dangerous individuals who can control their potentiality towards being dangerous is likely the most dangerous individual on your team while equally the less threatening of all of them at the same time).

  • I suspect it's the dangerous opposition towards the uncontrolled dangerous individual that will drive the unification of society forward.

  • Narcissism provides many benefits but comes at a very dangerous price; friends, families, jobs, opportunities, purpose, meaning.

  • Narcissism doesn't have to be a defining trait, it will not be an easy journey to unlearn the behavioral traits that pours out of your spores like you just ran a marathon. No, there will be no un-conditional positive regard because anytime you try to change a bad habit there will ALWAYS be apart of yourself working in counter-purpose to that regard.

  • Realize and accept the narcissistic traits but let those stand on the side of you, not in opposition of you, not as a barrier of defining character, but simply as another dimension of who you are. Take notice of the contempt and judgement these traits bring to you on a daily basis and find the line between chaos and order to make things better, arguably, you're going to face the fact that you can't simply ignore the traits and stand on the other side, hoping ignorance or strategic disregard will take over and dispense with the proverbial wolf at the door.

Finding unity within the socio-cultural environments of social-media and chatroom platforms/forums.

  • This is actually a fairly routine question I'm asked and overwhelming I am asked this by people who had certain traits that they wished to change or create a manifestation akin to Carl Jung's "retrogression restoration of the persona" to where they deviate off of their current path and into the depths of the proverbial darkness within ourselves to address either a subconscious or conscious issue that's not allowing their inner flame to illuminate as brightly as it could or for that matter, at all.

  • The issue I take with that type of phenomena and is addressed fairly universally with a lot of psychologist, once you confront this darkness, this deterrent that was keeping you from forging any type of unification with your peers and those around you has now created a new version of your identity. Whether it be good or bad, it's very possible that this new found persona is wildly misunderstood.

  • It's very important to realize and accept that at some point in your life, you will be misunderstood for one reason or another, and by everybody. They will question your WHY because they themselves can't make sense of your actions. They may ask you questions with the assumption that there is something wrong with you and no matter how well you articulate your thoughts, some may never come to understand. They'll witness your drive, this new persona that's taken form, and view it as some new found obsession(and likely so, but for most obsessions, they can be detrimentally healthy to your success in the world as a person, spouse, friend, peer, community member, etc.) and they will take up their own opinions, depending on how far your descent and how much you gain from delving into the depths of chaos.

  • Very often, these people will view this new-found energy, drive, or simply a new manifestation for a worthwhile pursuit on life and view it as a uneducated diagnosis of psychosis. We've all been around the type, if we haven't been there ourselves, the type that for a plethora of personal reasons always does just a little bit more than everyone else, not because it's easier for them but because they're driven to strive for something we don't understand. That's when appreciation comes into play, you will start to appreciate the fact that people are beginning to understand that it's not that there is something wrong with you, rather simply, that you possess a drive so full of purpose and meaning that they themselves have yet to find that line between chaos and order.

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