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Introduction to Version Control?

Version control systems tools help software teams manage changes to source code over time. This therefore helps software teams work faster and smarter. Look at what working on content google online docs? Yep, if you have done this then your familiar the framework of what entails Version Control.

As a Software developer you are continuously writing new source code and changing existing source code. You would find that for most cases any code for a project, is organized in a folder structure. What I continue to see eg while working with Git is the fact that a developer on my team may be working on a new feature while another developer fixes a bug by changing code, each developer may make their changes in several parts of the file tree.
While it may be possible to develop software without using any version control, but I think that by doing so exposes the project to a huge risk. So the question is not whether to use version control but which version control system to use. Sample is GIT, which translates that a user can have several versions of their project where they can modify changes made overtime. The vantage of this is the fact that user can backtrack changes should the need arise. It is generally used for source code management in software development.

In conclusion version control is essential, you want to trace up the code and not loose up on changes then you need to explore this aspect when developing

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