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No one's gonna say Ok, has lots of great content. If I could share with you my readinglist I would, I use it as bookmarks. Also Twitter is great for tech news and research :D


I've actually been keeping track of my Reading List in a git snippet to kinda open source it. Moreso so my reading list remains just stuff to read rather than a mix of stuff to read and stuff to reference later.


Love your blog and the visible passion for teaching! Also, the font is amazing. :D


Oh awesome! Thanks so much for the kind feedback. I was definitely going for like a "math teacher on a chalkboard" or "taking notes in my college class notebook" type font. :)


This is my blog.

I try to post a coding tutorial or short guide ever day (been doing this since January). Can't break the strike now 😁


^ @flaviocopes 's blog is amazing, the content is well-written and amazingly consistent 😯


I'd like to suggest Joel on Software and Hacker News. I would suggest Hacker Noon but Tata Ganesh got to it first.

I'd also plug my own website. I haven't been updating it since I got busy with academic work. I hope I can find time to write new posts.


Thanks. I know Joel's website. If I start today to read his blog, I think my reading process will end in 2030. There are 1114 posts on his website. It could be a good resource for everyone.


If you don't mind the programming content being mixed in with a lot of other very random things ranging from how sciences work to a screed about bioinformatics, I can point you to mine:


Go with medium. You can follow some good publications like, Netanal basal, Angularindepth.

I would recommend it since its useful for you to narrow down what topics you like will roam around your home page of medium


I usually write here at in English and at my Medium in Portuguese (and once a month in English) :)

As for the ones I usually read I love the posts here at, it's a great community.


My blog is Code The Web! 🔥

I post web development tutorials for beginners that are jargon-free. I try to post at least once a week!



I have some old blogs that I may someday update as follows:


For a short while, I had the ultimate programming blog in the pages of Micro Mart magazine when I wrote some programming tutorials, but alas MM is no longer published.




Here's my blog But I've been posting here on DEV for a while without reposting on my blog. So best to follow me here atm.


This is my blog: Lot of Spanish content and a few English articles.

I also recommend you,, and (the last two if you are into JS).

From my blog I also recommend you to read How to keep updated with the JavaScript ecosystem? which has a long list of blogs, tags and publications to follow in Medium.


Mine is! This is a good idea I need to go through the links in here. 😊


I blog here.

Most of the comments here have listed my favorite blogs to read but freeCodeCamp's publication is by far and away my favorite.

Edit: 👍🏾 for Joel on Software. Lots of gems in there.


I write (sparingly) at - mostly tips about command line tools like git, tmux, and vim. I also have a series on diving into a memory leak I found in the Perl 6 VM, how Perl 5 works under the hood, and an ongoing (but lapsed) series on learning new programming languages.


I am at just a very beginning of building my own blog:

I write on good software, mediocre software, and bad software. Also rants about management and development processes.
I also cross-post my articles to


This is my blog ( I have started it recently and i am planning to put more articles as i learn concepts worthy of sharing.. Now it has some beginner's perspective articles about Git.


I really like your personal blog. I wish to have that theme for WordPress :)


I may be biased but I like my blog

I try to post semi-regularly. Though almost everything gets cross-posted to so feel free to just follow me here.


Here's mine, I have just started writing on a weekly basis :)


My blog if you are interested in reading a blog about the problems I face as a beginner web developer.


I post my blog on here. It has mainly been about my journey into graphics programming. And giving my advice along the way.


I may be biased because I am a contributor for them but Codeburst has a ton of quality content.


Mine is I scout the best Full Stack Interview Questions and Answers all across the Internet and share them with my readers! Alex.


I write about front end development and accessibility over at :)



All sorts of posts about software development, presenting and general stuff.


My blog is . My main topic is Android Development. Sometimes i write posts here on


This is mine, on which I write about technical subjects around web backend development and security.


I check, hacker news, nick's blog, mozilla blog. Here is my blog but I didn't write anything for a long time. is where i put my blog. I also host the posts on my own site.


Web development is not an easy task and having the support you need even if its only from online blogs is really a huge help. Thanks so much for sharing this


Here is my personal Python
I tend to go for simple code snippets that do interesting or powerful things.

As I am still a beginner myself (I take the mickey out of how bad my code is all the time) this is probably not the best place to post about it I guess, especially as I am Windows centric.

However my code snippets collection get a lot of hits and I work really hard trying to find new ones, so if anyone has snippets that would fit my Newb Code Snippets Collection please post them or send them to me and I will credit you if used.

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How to Stay Fit Physically and Mentally and Keep Coding

Throughout the last year, I have worked part-time as a working student and also studied at the university. I was not the first and not the last one who has combined that during their studies, but the problem for me was, that at the end of the day I have felt absolutely exhausted mentally and physically. That caused problems with my health and motivation to continue working on my goals or anything. (yeah, “goals,” I wish I had something more specific at that time).

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