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I just finished reading "Pro ASP.NET Core 6" and this is my review.

A few weeks back I had the chance to read this book and now, I would like to share my feelings with everybody.

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The author

I do not think I should introduce the author of this precious book.

Adam Freeman
He is an experienced IT professional who has held senior positions in a range of companies, most recently serving as chief technology officer and chief operating officer of a global bank. Now retired, he spends his time writing and long-distance running.

With advent of ASP.NET MVC 4, I started following him and now its time to say thanks to him for what he has written and shared with all of us.

.NET echo system especially ASP.NET Core 6 is replete with new features that should be discovered or some parts that can be a bit complex at least at the first impression. Then, reading this book is the solution. In each chapter, the fundamental concepts are explained for middle/senior developers.

Let’s have a look at the table of contents:

  • Putting ASP.NET Core in Context
  • Getting Started
  • Your First ASP.NET Core Application
  • Using the Development Tools
  • Essential C# Features
  • Testing ASP.NET Core Applications
  • SportsStore: A Real Application
  • SportsStore: Navigation and Cart
  • SportsStore: Completing the Cart
  • SportsStore: Administration
  • SportsStore: Security and Deployment
  • Understanding the ASP.NET Core Platform
  • Using URL Routing
  • Using Dependency Injection
  • Using the Platform Features, Part 1
  • Using the Platform Features, Part 2
  • Working with Data
  • Creating the Example Project
  • Creating RESTful Web Services
  • Advanced Web Service Features
  • Using Controllers with Views, Part I
  • Using Controllers with Views, Part II
  • Using Razor Pages
  • Using View Components
  • Using Tag Helpers
  • Using the Built-in Tag Helpers
  • Using the Forms Tag Helpers
  • Using Model Binding
  • Using Model Validation
  • Using Filters
  • Creating Form Applications
  • Creating the Example Project
  • Using Blazor Server, Part 1
  • Using Blazor Server, Part 2
  • Advanced Blazor Features
  • Blazor Forms and Data
  • Using Blazor Web Assembly
  • Using ASP.NET Core Identity
  • Applying ASP.NET Core Identity

My evaluation

You can start a real project from scratch by reading this book. Every page of this book would shed a light on a dark portion of ASP.NET Core Development in your mind. I can only recommend reading this book, and it is definitely a useful book to keep on your desk because it can always be useful during the development of a project.

You can find this book directly on Amazon : Pro ASP.NET Core 6

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