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Done Hacktoberfest

alisherk profile image alisherk ・1 min read

About me

I have been part of this community for about a year but this is my first time participating in Hacktoberfest. So I am super thrilled to have completed it.

I am what you call a loner. I do projects on my own and software development is not my main job. But I love building things. When this challenge came about last year, I was hesitant to participate and did not know how I would start.

Growth Mindset

This time my mindset was let's just do it. At this point, I have completed 4 PRs. I really enjoyed working on codebase that belongs to other people and it has been great to see some many contributing to one project. I enjoyed the whole process from start to finish. Learned a thing or two about Git as well


I was looking for a React project with TypeScript. In particular I was looking for a project where I could contribute by writing automated unit tests. So I came across a great project to be able to do that.


I will definitely continue contributing to the project I chose beyond Hacktoberfest. It is great for me to continue to develop the skill of understanding other people's code and collaborate on one codebase with multiple people. It is good for growth.


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