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This is I always wanted


Beginning of 2018 has been in and out of learning web development, couldn't really focus on completing courses but always kept track on the latest developments in various web technologies , kept reading blogs, stories just so I don't completely alienate myself from the world of web development.

Time to be consistent

By first week of October,2018 I decided I needed to make a big change and be on the right side of things, so I focused myself on completing courses that I left in between and in advancing my skills followed by long frustrating nights after work and spending most of my weekends learning.

So far down the road

  1. Completed beginner's courses on HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  2. Learned basic UI designing.
  3. Started working on my portfolio.
  4. Made my first blog post :D.

Though there is so much to learn,so much to make but there is some satisfaction knowing that each day I move closer to my goal.

I'm going to document/blog as much as I can about my journey and share my experiences.

Completely overwhelmed with joy and Happy Coding.


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