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re: I remember grinding Aion for like 2 or 3 straight years since 3.0 until 4.5 or something. Had lots of fun but eventually the server kinda died and ...

Ah, must have had full endgame gear. What server were you on? Retail servers seemed pretty active pretty consistently

I was playing on Europe, Telemachus back then.

Ye, in 3.x I pretty much had maxed out gear. Everything enchanted to max, combined mana stones. In 4.x I upgraded weapons, accessories.

There wasn't any challenge and playing friends left, there wasn't much PvP competition anymore, the most difficult dungeons became too easy and not challenging. 🙂
So it was time to quit.

Sad ending to a beautiful story. I think it's time I hang my boots too now. Nothing interesting going on

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