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Polycloud Storage in .NET Core

Probably every .NET developer is working with some sort of remote storage, being it Azure Blob Storage, Amazon S3 and so on. This can be demonstrated in a comic I've drawn on a commute:

So I wrote an OSS library that solves this problem, meet

I'm not really sure why there are so many similar storage providers performing almost identical function but no standard. Why do we need to learn a new SDK to achieve something trivial we've done so many times before? I have no idea. If you don't either, use this library.

It provides generic interface for popular cloud storage providers like Amazon S3, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hub, Azure Storage, Azure Data Lake Store thus abstracting Messaging, Blob (object store for unsturctured data) and Table (NoSQL key-value store) services.

It also implements in-memory and on-disk versions of all the abstractions for faster local machine development. Connection strings are supported too!

The current list of implementation is good, but growing too

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