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Best Twitter utility bots, reminders, downloaders, thread savers and more.


Bots have a bad name on twitter, they can be Russian propaganda bots, fake AI bots, and others malicious players.

There are also just a ton of content bots, like the always surprising @year_progress bot that will come into your feed and upset you with how fast time moves.

Utility bots FTW

I found that there are many utility bots, that are just awesome, that expand the use of twitter significantly, supplementing Twitter with new features.

I've decided to quickly jot down some helpful twitter bots, mostly for myself to remember, but also for you dear reader. Yes, for you.

Thread help

There are two bots, @threadreaderapp and @threader
Both of them allow you to reply to a long thread of tweets, and they will compile that thread into a blog post pretty much.

They work the same but with a different keyword, and sometimes one is faster than the other. Usage below:

@threader_app compile
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@threadreaderapp unroll
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Alt Text

Remind yourself

Ever saw someone make a stupid prediction and wanted to come back to see it? There's tons of reminder bots for this. @remindmetweets specifically also takes a screenshot of the the context tweet, so if the author deleted it, it will still be available as a screenshot! Super useful.

Save videos and gifs

One of the most annoying things about Facebook and Twitter feud, is that there's barely any crossposting, and sharing that funny meme tweet that you found is really hard.
DownloaderBot to the rescue


I swear I had more twitter bots when I decided to jot this down, so I will treat this as a continuously updating resource.
Feel free to comment with helpful utility twitter bots and I'll add them to this list.

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