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(Controversial?) unpopular opinion: Linux is overrated. For regular end users, it is overcomplicated and not particularly useful. And Linux users many times behave like the tech version of vapers/vegans/CrossFit. 😳


Arch Linux is like an old car I know how to work on. When Windows breaks in a mysterious way, I have to look it up. I've tried to find the equivalent of journalctl on Windows, but it never seems to tell me anything worthwhile. When things break on Linux, half the time I don't even have to look it up to fix it.

Also, installing software from the terminal instead of having to go to a website and click the download link is a dream. Spotify, Discord, Telegram, all within easy reach with yay.


I'm aware of it. It's nowhere near as good as pacman. Arguably, even homebrew is better. And that doesn't answer my question, where are the system logs? For example, Windows is awful to play games on, and sometimes they crash for no apparent reason. Sometimes the entire system resets. I've tried different graphics cards, taking the side panels off, upgraded to an 850W single-rail 80+ Titanium power supply, and it still crashes playing modern games. How am I supposed to develop on a system I can't even play games on, and there's no obvious way to see what the heck is happening?

Check this: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Event_Viewer
Your issues don't happen to all people btw

"Your issues don't happen to all people btw"
... I don't even know what to say. Great sense of empathy there.
Software doesn't always work right for me all the time, but yeah, and maybe it's just me, and I'm just bad at computers, and I should just stop doing anything interesting with them and just stick with what I know.
Great attitude, kid. Hope that works out for ya.

I have never said you were bad at computers. Neither I meant to offend you. What I meant, is you cannot blame Windows just because you have an specific issue, because that's it, an specific issue, not all people have. Actually, the majority of people doesn't have it.
I hope it will eventually work for you, have a good day πŸ˜„


Do you do any coding directly for linux use though? (eg. CI pipeline configuration, building docker images)?

Because if you're doing that anyway then using it for your day to day work, is actually simpler (because you don't have issues where it works on your CI but not on your local, and vice versa).


Well, it's actually underrated. The reason that it doesn't have so many GUI apps, just like windows does, is because it has fewer users, so companies don't bother to support Linux. And don't forget about how hard Microsoft has tried to win the desktop battle, by paying/convincing software/hardware companies for exclusive windows support.


Taking into account how spread it is on IT/servers, yes, it is definitely underrated. My comment was more directed at a personal computer level.


As a Linux regular end user for years before programming and a vegan myself, I think you should meet new people. 😝


I should! I like meeting new people... especially if they like hating on Linux 😜

Now seriously, I don't have anything against Linux, I used it for years at a personal and academic level (Mandrake/Linex/Ubuntu). It is ok for servers/development, but I don't see it as an option for the average user.

Maybe it depends on the person and/or Linux distribution. I have never been great on system administration but once I got used to Linux it was more comfortable than Windows (which I find overwhelming!).

It is rather funny to see that assessment, seeing how many computer illiterates, many of them seniors, whom I've trained to use Ubuntu (in 15 minutes, no command line). They are not only proficient at using it even still, but vocally recommend it to others.

Not to say your opinion is invalid, Alvaro. :) Just maybe not wholly objective?

My opinion is completely subjective (and unpopular and controversial, seeing the comments 😊). It's more anecdotal, based on my personal experience, and heavily conditioned by the distributions that I used: Red Hat was a pain to set up (we even had a whole lab at school to do so); in Mandrake, when something went wrong, it went really wrong (and things went wrong often); Linex and Guadalinex were fun (there are some cool projects in Spain where they use them to introduce seniors in rural areas to technology); with Ubuntu everything was easy (compared to the others, it is the less Linux-like version of Linux); ...

Maybe if I had only tried Ubuntu first, I would have a different overview of Linux. But my first experiences with Red Hat and Mandrake were not that positive and they conditioned my view of it. There are a lot of distributions of Linux and not all of them are user-friendly.

Heh. Valid. Many distros really aren't user friendly, I'll give ya that!


Not really overcomplicated, IMO. It just lacks commercial support, both on hardware and software.

But if you don't care about LibreOffice or web apps, and your hardware is perfect (not bad WiFi, mouse pad or graphics), it might be OK for non-techies. You might not even notice the distro, or you can use a highly localized distro.

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