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Progressive Web App Calculator - Hex Calculator

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Hex Calculator

2 iPhones showing a calculator ui

A Progressive web app that has features to convert between Hexagonal, Octagonal, Decimal and Binary numbers, as well as adding, substracting, multiplying and dividing them. I call it the Hex Caculator.


  • Can be installed and works completely offline

  • Convert between the following base numbers: base 16 (Hexahonal), base 10 (Decimal), base 8 (Octagonal) and base 2 (Binary)

  • Adding, substracting, multiplying and dividing using the different base numbers.

  • Dark and light mode toggable via a button.

Progressive Web App compliant

Can be installed to work completely offline as a native app

Install feature on google chrome for android

Using different base numbers

When changing between the base number options the UI responds accordingly, turning on or off the available buttons for that base number type.

A gif showing the calculator changing between different base numbers

Switching between the Dark and Light mode

The app has to UI themes, a Dark and a Light one, to switch between them you use the bottom left corner button.

A gif showing how dark and light mode for the calculator

Calculator functions

The app has basic adding, substracting, multiplying and dividing functions that you can use with the different base number types.

A gif showing the calculator performing operations

The code for it is on my github, I'm always looking for ways to improve it, some let me know what you think of it.

Also do visit my website for more information and other projects.

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