Devilbox is great for me like a dull developer

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Yes, I am sure I am a dull developer.
Many months ago I wrote about a tool 'Devilbox' on unseen blog.

Old post somewhere

The motivation is

  • I would not like to install the middleware natively.
  • Because I am dull.
  • And I want to develop on some laptops/nucs. -- Mainly I use OSX, but with treason spirit I use linux. -- Once a year, I use windows. (I used MSDOS, so I must love windows once a year.)
  • Focusing on coding.
  • Every 3 months I try to create box like this, but I break my heart and sleep.

So I found good stuff. Devilbox

Written on website 'LAMP stack', it's okay to pass.
Just I want to implement is this.

It's easy to use. :)

And I like to hear what is good stuff. :)

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