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Top 10 best uses of GPT-3

Hi everyone,

After watching a lot of buzz about GPT-3 on social media and how it is about the change the world I have decided to bring to you all a collection of some of the best uses of GPT-3 and what are the things that have been built using GPT-3.

GPT-3 is being regarded as the next big thing after Netscape Navigator. Some time ago with the launch of Netscape Navigator the human vision of seeing the web as a cluttered mess changed. The search engine made the life easy and accessing the web much easier.

In the same way, GPT-3 is expected to change the world. Some of the people think that it will affect the jobs of humans and rob many of them of their jobs but I think that it is only imitating what is present on the web and will serve as a great servant of mankind. It will help humans in many fields of life like learning, developing software and apps, teaching, creating awesome prose and poetry, and comprehending large volumes of text. I don't think it will provide novel approaches to solve problems but don't deny the possibility of it in the near future.

So let's take a walk through the streets of twitter and read the 10 landmark tweets showing the immense potential of the GPT-3 API.

Code Oracle

Not only can GPT-3 just generate code for you it can also comprehend the code written by you. Here is an example where it explains the code written in Python and what does the code do.


Here is a beautiful integration of figma plugin and GPT-3 to generate beautiful web templates.

JSX Layout maker

This was one of the first examples of GPT-3 to generate code that caught the attention of the tweeple. It shows how it can generate JSX layout just by defining it in plain English.

Regex Generator

In this example, we observe that it is also capable of generating REGEX for different use-cases. The author feels that it has helped him a lot with generating regex.

Website Mocker

The brilliant combination of figma and GPT-3 has once again proved to be game changing. In this example GPT-3 is able to clone the website by receiving the URL of the website.

Object usecase generation

Here, we receive a very interesting example where it produces what are the things which can be done with an object. The objects used here are quite entertaining like potato.


In this tweet, we see that GPT-3 can also generate charts and plots from just plain English. It uses SVG charts to produce such awesome charts in culmination with GPT-3 api.

A complete evaluation (The real Magic)

In this tweet the link explains the basic use of GPT-3 text generation in many interesting ways. It shows that it can play games like finding analogies, identifying paintings from naive descriptions, generating articles and also recommending books.

Quiz Producer

Here is an awesome helper of teachers as well as students, it will generate Quizzes for practice on any topics and also explain the answers to these questions in detail.

Learn from Anyone

As the name suggests this tool helps you learn anything from anyone be it Robotics from Elon Musk, Physics from Newton, Relativity Theory from Einstein, and Literature from Shakespeare.

These are the things which I liked the most and found interesting. You can show your best uses of GPT-3 in the comment section below.

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Another great example GPT 3 generating machine learning models. That's another level of inception.

mangapcom profile image

Anybody making Good Questions and answering AI? Something like commander data at Star trek which can answer our questions smart