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Operating System and services provided by them

The operating system is one of the most important part of a computer system it acts as a bridge between user and hardware devices and helps to run different application programs which are the interface for users to perform certain tasks. There are many operating systems some of the famous ones are Windows, Linux, UNIX, Mac Os, and different distributions of Linux like Ubuntu, RedHat, Kali, Opensuse, etc.

Some of the services provided by Operating Systems are-

Program Execution - The operating system helps to load programs in the memory and execute them.

I/O operations - The programs require I/O operations and Operating system manages the I/O devices for better efficiency and protection.

File System Manipulation - File systems are also an important part of computer software and they are managed effectively by the OS. Some famous file systems are NTFS and FAT32.

Communications - The communication between processes on the same system and also between processes of different systems is done by the OS. It also deals with the networking of the systems.

Error detection - They also find errors during the execution of programs and take necessary action for smoother functioning of systems

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