5 Delightful Things about Material-UI

AmberJ on November 11, 2019

Whether you go gaga for Material Design or gag looking at it, the "card" or "paper" concept with a focus on surfaces and edges continues to be a po... [Read Full]
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I am not saying Material UI is not good, but it just makes everything the same, it is good but it is the same.

It is similar to the fluent Microsoft design or I don't know how it was called before, some people liked it I hated it .. but at the end it is the same.

Human Interface Guidelines however are just guidelines and at the end many apps look amazing but in a different way. You do use iOS right, and not Android ? :) And you like the apps more right ? :) I am scared if more and more people start using Material UI on the web.. the web will become beautiful but boring :(


Hey Nayden! I hear what you're saying. Aesthetic choices come and go. That's something I appreciate about the Material-UI components, because even though they have a Material appearance - it can easily be customized. Its the functionality of their components that really is exciting.

Thanks for chiming in!

Ps. Oh, I use android. :)


haha :) good one :)) especially the ps. ;)

I know that the fomponents for android can have a customized theme but not many people do that and I am not sure about the web as well ... for example material ui for angular is it easy customizable I will check ;) few years ago when everyone was using jqueryUI the jqueryUI had such an amazing themes and even some theme manager/editor but for material ui I dont think we are there yet


First of all, i like how android looks more than ios

Second of all, i agree with the "web'll looks boring" part, thats why i decided to design my own components for my next side projects


Matei the look of the OS sure, but the look of the apps... they just.. I dont know something is just missing even on the google apps.

The best looking apps are not material ui apps.. the material ui apps is like the old grey theme for windows it is nice it is amazing but thats it.


How about Ant Design (Antd) ?
I had a need that my app could create dynamic tab components as a result of clicking corresponding item in the menu system. These tabs have to be closable too.
For that purpose when searching UI lib, I got to Antd and found an example of closable dynamic tabs. So I copied and modified the code so as to meet my requirement and it worked.
Thanks to that Antd example that also gives me a clue on how to apply similar way to React-Bootstrap tab component.


I really like how materialize is so simple and easy to use! I was lucky to have received a theme kit from my internship which I use on my current apps 😄


There is one component of Material UI that proves to be helpful in my app, i.e Switch. Among other libraries I have tried, including Antd, that provide Switch component, only one by Material UI that works for me.

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