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Posted on Continuous Integration and Deployment is now completely CI and CD enabled across all of its major components running respectively on mobile, cloud and Edge/IoT devices:

  • Progressive Web App (
    • Built with VueJS, Vuetify, and PeerJS
    • Hosted on Netlify
  • Plug-And-Play Signaling Server:
    • Built with Node.js and PeerJS Server
    • Hosted on Heroku
  • IoT/Edge image:
    • Built with Python, Tensorflow, Gstreamer and aiortc
    • Hosted on a user home device: Raspberry Pi, Xbox, laptop or another machine.

Its amazing that across such a wide variety of frameworks and infrastructure, it is completely feasible to implement full cycle Continuous Integration and Deployment using 100% Open Source dependencies and 100% free cloud services generously supporting open source projects.

All three major modules follow the same flow, with the respective tools for each function:

Pull Request -> Continuous Integration -> Code Review -> Commit -> Semantic Release -> Graceful Auto Update & Deploy

Here is the list of Github Apps that make this possible. CI/CD tools

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