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[Hacktoberfest] On my way to Open Source Career

I graduated as a Computer Engineer on September 2020. Yeah well, that's just for a name sake. What did I learn this 4 years ? Nothing ! Absolutely nothing ! Am I going for a negative, bad vibe story ? Not really.

It was during the month of March 2020 when the prime minister declared lockdown. I realized that, until now I was just wasting my time, while my peers was learning something new and achieving on their way. What to do now ? I scrolled down through a lot of posts from my peers in LinkedIn and they have achieved almost everything that I have only started to dream of. OK ! They are ahead of me. No, I am really lagging behind. There is a huge gap between us. How am I suppose to shrink that. I should give up. Then again, now I am having a lot of free time. I can compensate the time I have wasted (** cough 4 years **)

Complaining is not an option. I am not competing with anyone but me, the old me ! I started learning and made up my mind to keep a GitHub daily streak. It was hard at first though.

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I started joining hackathons. At first, it was all about swags ! I wanted to collect them. That's when I heard about Hacktoberfest ! More swags (lol)

Hacktoberfest started of pretty well. But, I didn't knew what to contribute to. I realized that, it is harder than I thought. I have to learn if I want to contribute. Yeah, I have to learn (I am trapped). It was a slow process but, worth it. I started contributing. I forgot about the swags. As a starter, I was scared (and ashamed) to ask to anyone about my doubts. But, this community is really (really x million times) welcoming. They are the best. I am so happy to be a part of it now. A family.

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I admit it.... I am in love with Open Source now (blame is on Hacktoberfest). I am thinking about pursuing my career on the same. I am just a beginner and have a long way to go. But, I will surely contribute

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A big thanks to Hacktoberfest and the whole community.

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