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Risky Phone Numbers Lookup API

ameedjamous profile image Ameed Jamous ・1 min read

Find out more information about a phone number before answering or making a call routing decision.

API Call:

curl --location --request GET 'https://apiv2.telecomsxchange.com/buyers/tools/numberscore/?cld=19542301111'

Example Response

  "status": "success",
  "country_code": "ua",
  "phone_number": "+380913104000",
  "carrier": {
    "country_code": "ua",
    "country_name": "Ukraine",
    "description": "Ukr Telecom Mobile",
    "prefix": "38091",
    "number_score": "Risky number"


The number has been seen in TCXC network before and had high durations and most probably a good number that belongs to a real person.


TCXC have never seen this number before or it had too many incomplete calls that never connected. Answer at your own risk.


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