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Resourses I Use For Web Development

**)MDN Web Docs

MDN Web Docs is the almost go-to site for Web developers, so I didn't mention it here

1) HTML Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet which contains all basic HTML tags and attributes
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There are a lot HTML tags, each tags have their own attributes, each tag has a different function, this cheat sheet helps a lot with that type of problems, just download it and keep it around.

It also isn't a large sheet, just 2 pages with almost 10 times amount of information

2) CSS Cheat Sheet

All properties of CSS arranged on 2 sheets
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There are a lot of CSS properties, many of which even I don't know exist, and they do dozens of things, which I havent bothered exploring yet. This sheet also has loads of info, which can act as your look up sheet, just keep it around

3) Color Hunt

Helps choose appropriate color scheme for your side
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Color hunt is a site from which you can select an appropriate color scheme for your website so that it looks sophisticated and doesn't look the all over the place types, it also has a chrome extension available

4) Favicon

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Favicon is one of the most known websites to design an appropriate icon for your webpage.

5) Google Fonts

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Google Fonts has a variety of fonts which you can import and import for your website

6) Flaticon

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This website has a large collections from where I download icons and emojis when I have to put them in the website

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