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How to start GUI development with Python

The programming language called Python is a basis for a lot of tools and packages for creating a very flexible, usable and reliable desktop application.

For those developers who plan to launch their own personal code, functionality, management, and monitoring of your task, the Python programming language with GUI ( Graphical User Interface) will give you a very comfortable launching.

install python

People think starting GUI development in Python is complex, but in actual sense the steps to get started are not as complicated as you think. As it is built to be a general purpose programming language with interpreters available at every regular operating system.

Before building a GUI, you should know the basics of Python.

When developing a GUI through Python being the most used option, there is no shortage of programming language. Python has different options to choose from for GUI frameworks.

When starting GUI development using Python there are steps to follow and decisions to take, below are the steps to starting one.

STEP 1; Define your task
The first step to start a GUI web application in Python is to make a decision on what will be solved and estimated from the application, that is the end point of and what you want to achieve from this. When you can answer this question properly it will lead you to the next thing to do. The scope of the Python concerning GUI is very wide.

STEP 2; Choose the right package to start GUI
The next step is for the developer to choose which package he or he would love to choose when starting GUI using Python because there are varieties of Python-based packages you can use to do this. Here is a list of 4 arguably best or most used packages in Python you can use to start GUI development.


PyQT is one of the most liked cross-platform Python bindings implementing the Qt application development framework. This opens up the possibility of developing applications in Python that have the ability to feel across many platforms by combining the best of Python and Qt.



This is an open-source wrapper known to some as WxWIndows and working as an extension module of Python. WxPython brings tools like the WxWidgets cross-platform GUI library from its scope to Python and has a little bit more modern approach. The growing developer community on WxPython makes it easy to get started with.



PyGUI is a cross-platform framework typically a graphical application one. PyGUI is one of the simplest and lightweight of most of the libraries in Python used to start GUI development because the API (Application Program Interface) is in alignment with Python.



If there is anything like the standard GUI framework for GUI development then the chances that it will be Tkinter will be a perfect choice because it is one of the easiest to install and comes by default in the Python framework. Tkinter has an abundance of resources both books and references, it is very simple to operate with great graphical interface.


This is a list of a few of the widely used probably the coolest of Python framework when starting GUI development. There are other GUI frameworks in Python like PySide and Kivy to mention a few. It is left to you to choose what will work perfectly for you.

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