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Discussion on: What do you Google EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and never just memorize?

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Amin Arria

How to make a tar file...

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tbodt • Edited on

xkcd tar

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B. Agustín Amenábar Larraín

I threw this one at a dev I used to work with. He answered instantly, he could have disarmed 2 bombs with that speed.

Instant respect gained

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Sanjayshr • Edited on

I figured out how to remember it. To create tar, use c option and for extracting replace c with x ==> $tar will remain same for both Lol :) . tar -cvf filename.tar file/dir_path && tar -xvf filename.tar.

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at least extracting is easy (say it in a german accent) tar -xzf "xtract ze files"

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Dean Bassett

Thank you so much.

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Amin Mohamed Ajani

well what works for me is tar -xzvf "xtract ze vucking files"
No kidding that's how remember it

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BinaryDigit actually brilliant! lol

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Jonas Gauffin • Edited on

Isn't that for zipped tar files? -xzf = extract zipped (tar) file.

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Amin Arria

That's a great way! Jajajaaj

But it's important to note that tar is smart enough to detect the format so I prefer the general tar -vxf

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Chrissy Wainwright

and -czf == 'compress ze files'

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Florian Reuschel

Even though as a German with decent English pronunciation this is a little bit insulting, I'll probably never forget this ever again. Thanks! 🙈

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brandonhowkins02 • Edited on

Hey, I also want to make a tar file for my website name:Lenny face. Let me know if the given suggestions works for you!