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Why is my choice Windows !?

Hello friends, I am Amir Reza Karimi. Today I want to tell my personal reasons for choosing Windows.

Of course, choosing an operating system is a matter of taste, for example, Linux has good services for programmers, or for example, Windows is a gamer's paradise.

So in general the choice of operating system depends on two things

Your job or professionYour taste or liking

But in this post, we will look at some of the good features of Windows

First of all, let's look at the explanation of Wikipedia from Windows

Microsoft Windows (in English : Microsoft Windows) is a group of multi-family operating system graphics , all of which by Microsoft, developed, marketed and sold. This operating system has several versions that have been released to the market since 1985 . Active Windows families include Windows Anti , Windows Embedd, and Windows Phone . Each of these families may include several subsets. (Example: Windows Server ) Older Windows families also include Windows 9x and Windows Mobile . The latest version of Windows, officially released on June 24, 2021,Windows 11 .

First of all, the Windows operating system is very complete and professional in terms of default programs and apps, which are becoming more complete and more lovable day by day.Voice Assistant! Windows operating system has a professional voice assistant, which is a very useful and interesting feature that in new Android phones, Bixby applications and Google Personal Assistant program (tough competitors) provide this possibility in Android, of course in iOS. It is also possible. Well, now Microsoft has brought this possibility to the desktop in Windows 10Email account Microsoft email account or the same outlook as Google's big competitorOffice : No descriptionDirect connection with Android and iOS. You can connect to your mobile phone with the Euron app. Have a gallery. Open apps on your computer. Send an SMS. Bring it completely to the desktop, which I will teach you in the future 🤗OneDrive File upload space This part of itself is really a reason for choosing Windows OneDrive can eliminate the need for Google Sea or file review cable, for example.Great Windows environment can be a good reason for Menu Start or My Computer which are really professionally designedDedicated browser _ Windows's design eliminates the need for Google Chrome usersWindows is designed by the big company Microsoft, so it can be trustedSupport for Android applications in Windows 11 😍 is the best option for Android and Gimera developersMillions of companies produce Windows software and many apps, for example, can not be installed for Linux and Mac operating systems.Windows gamers paradise! Xbox or Game Bar, etc. were the features of Windows 10 that are available to gamersMost graphics programs are compatible with Windows, such as Adobe products, and similar versions are available for operating systems such as Linux.Popular ! If Windows was bad, why the most widely used operating system?Windows has good features for the login screen and device security.

The last word

If you are Windows, you can also explain the reason for choosing Windows in the comments, but if you have another operating system, so be it

Finally, copying the text is not allowed, and if there is a misspelling or something, count it as a novice

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eljayadobe profile image

I use Windows because my application is for Windows.

Likewise, I use macOS because my application is also for macOS.

In the olden days, I used Amiga OS because I was an Amiga fanboy.

And before that I used (in reverse chronological order) GS/OS, ProDOS, and AppleDOS. And even older, Commodore BASIC 4.0 (if you can call that an "operating system").

I've also used a variety of Unix platforms, because I'm a Unix dev at heart. When I get my next Unix box, it'll probably be a Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition (which comes with Ubuntu pre-installed).