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Lotus Audio: Create and share virtual environments from the browser

What I built

Lotus Audio

Lotus Audio is a web app to create and share virtual music environments from the browser. The environments can respond to music so it behaves like a 3D music visualizer that you can get immersed in with virtual reality(VR) devices.

Artists can create scripts which act as plugins into the LotusAudio engine.
The engine processes and passes byte information about any accompanying audio file to the scripts and designers can use this to update their environments in whatever way they choose.
The results of the scripts are rendered as virtual environments compatible with VR devices.

Artists can choose to monetize their creations with Web Monetization. If they have it enabled users would be able to access their virtual worlds of art only with payment enabled. It is a research and explorations into this medium for creative expressions. I work with a community of livecoders and digital performers and excited to show this to them.

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Creative Catalyst


Link to Code

How I built it

The 3D environments are created using threejs and uses the WebAudio API to parse audio. The environments are WebXR compatible which makes sure they can be accessed through VR devices. The platform is maintained as a web-app running on MEVN stack. In the future I would like to make the full app infrastructure completely decentralized.

Additional Resources/Info

I am pretty excited about this project. I would like extend it by adding support for multi-user experiences using WebRTC. That way several people can get together for virtual algoraves where we party within our creations.

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