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Tips to Prepare Your first Interview as a Software Engineer

The phone interview

Sometimes you may be asked to participate in a phone interview, normally this is for the hiring manager/interviewer to gauge whether or not it is worth inviting the candidate for a face to face interview, it is also important for you as the candidate to get a feel of the company. Sometimes this is with a technical person such as the head of developer or this can be someone from Human resources, it really depends on the company.

The face to face interview
Sometimes you may go straight to an interview, it can be in many stages and normally there will be technical person there almost most of the time, maybe a HR person and someone from management, it varies from company to company.answering them correctly might swiftly end the call for the worse

Don't give up
Always get feedback from the interviewer if you can and learn from any mistakes you may have made. Also sometimes it may be the interviewer felt you weren't a good fit or something else. Think of the interview as a learning experience, not many people get it on their first interview, it took me around 10 interviews before I finally got a job.

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