Discussion on: Should I install SSMS on a server running SQL Server?

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Andy Mallon Author

There's still a really big functionality gap between ADS & SSMS for a DBA. Managing Replication, Availability Groups, Agent Jobs, etc are better supported in SSMS than in ADS.

Also, I like to be able to use my Dev Environment as a testing ground for my own operational changes (like installing a patch update to SSMS). So I need to keep my Dev/Prod installs consistent to be able to test that. Using ADS on Dev & SSMS on Prod would get in my way of that.

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Kay Sauter

Of course, that is absolutely true!
I usually also work with SSMS but I also like to work in ADS sometimes. ADS is still not really the tool for DBA yet, but it can serve for Devs and Analysts working on queries very well.
Thanks for your reply though! 😁