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New Year 2021, New Blog, First Post, New Goals!

By the end of 2020, I felt really stagnant. I lost my first full time after just a year due to Covid, after working so hard to make my career switch. I don't plan to stay feeling this way forever though! I am starting off my 2021 with a bunch of new goals to try. I don't know which one I will want to stick with eventually - there are so many things I want to do - but I will never know without taking the first step.

One of them, obviously, is to start blogging again. My previous blog in WordPress wasn't that consistent. I kind of just did it whenever I felt like it. This time, I am going to blog at least once a week.

As for what to post... well, I did said I had a bunch of goals, so this blog will probably be what I will learn. My current schedule:

  • Monday - Tuesday: Anything VR. Unity for now - in fact, my cover image for this is from the Unity tutorial I am doing, taken while the Lego figure is dancing!
  • Wednesday - Thursday: Laravel. As a CMS developer, I have to keep growing my PHP skills!
  • Friday - Saturday: Python, my first programming language love. I also need to refresh my knowledge with data structure and algorithm.
  • Sunday: Cybersecurity, because MIT is providing the course "Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure" on edX. Considering I work mostly with gov websites & my interest in urban planning, I am definitely going to do it.

I also plan to do daily Yoga, and I have been knitting a shawl while watching programming videos.

Yes, this is a very pack schedule, but I don't plan to keep all of them. This is all about explorations. This is the fun of New Year Goal! Let's do this!!!

And now, as mandatory for any new programming project...

Hello World!

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E.R. Nurwijayadi

Please switch from conventional CMS to conventional SSG. This will give widen your perspective.


SSG Presentation

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good luck.