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Introduction to Composer [ the json scheme]

I remember that in one of the first lesson of computer science I've attended the professor said that one of the best quality for a programmer is to be lazy.

He repeated the sentence several times over the years and I honestly didn't get what he meant until I started working as a web developer.

Being lazy in programming does not mean spending the whole day on the sofa watching Nexflix,
it means not be willing to write the same code times and times again.
on a bigger scale do not write the same feature times and times again.

over the years amazing (and lazy) programmers made packages ready for us to pull in our machine, thus avoid reinventing the wheel.

This is possible thanks to Composer.

In this article, you'll discover one of the most important parts of this package manager.
the composer.json file...

... and how to write one on your own.

Discover the secrets of Composer.json >>>

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