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New to Node; Exploring a Favorite

Going through the career transition process I was originally overwhelmed with the shear volume of languages the field of computer science has developed over the years. I don't have an exact number, but there are easily over 2000 languages. The possibility exists for nearly infinite languages due to the nature of programming allowing for countless layers of abstraction. Each layer has the capacity for some ungodly number of languages. It's mind numbing nearing existential. Anyway, as I slowly built my way into the world of programming I realized that some languages are more common than others. Initially I learned to build with Ruby on Rails and thought about little else. As I built more I became aware of the regard given Ruby on Rails and wanted work my way into other server-side languages. As I apply for jobs and talk to potential employers I keep hearing about a languages I have little experience with yet. I keep hearing about Node.js. As I've been looking into the language I've become aware of why it is favored.

Node.js is fast

Apparently Node was developed to create fast network type applications and that's what it does. From what I read, Node's main capacity is a high level of scalability. It works well to hold multiple connections that are simultaneously interacting with a server. This seems to be due to Node storing data in a JSON format.

NPM is great!

Nodes built in package manager is highly transparent, accessible, and built. NPM offers quick and easy access to countless libraries of packages that make building easier and more powerful.

Makes Cross-Platform Easy

Nodes plethora of packages have been built up to make cross-platform development a given. Without much work your programs can be built for Linux, MacOS, and Microsoft applications simultaneously.

Simplifies Distributed Workload

The nature of JS programs modularity and Node's capacity for continuous and multifarious communication Node makes working with large projects simpler. Many teams can potentially develop simultaneously with ease.

These four reasons make Node a more than worthwhile language to learn. As I learn more about it I'll be sure to share. I apologize for the contrived and relatively unoriginal post.

Till next week, something more entertaining :P

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