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The Perfect Portfolio: Projects that Please People

Another day another dollar... or maybe not if you need a job. I keep reading these weird blogs about portfolio suggestions and then I look at my portfolio and Im like "WTF Anders!?!? Get on a level you lazy shit, build something better." Then I realize all the people making these blogs have been programming for a good 50% of my life. This sends me into a weird place where I think "Yea fuck those guys! They're not my demographic! They're not the other "Me's" in the world! They're looking for some job with seniority so fuck em! I just want to build more while learning more while making a little bit of money! So yes Fuck those other guys who write blogs about building a portfolio for some senior level job. Point to the website you built for the company you're leaving not some dinky thing you did in your spare time... I guess if you're doing the start up thing and are looking for some investors mock-ups are nice, but where are all the suggestions for people trying to break into the Web Dev world? Right here Mutha Sucka!

7 Portfolio Polishing Projects for Promise Seeking Plebs

!: Something You Would Consume

Take a minute and think of something you would use and build that. Fuck all this pigeon-holed bullshit. If you would use it build it, and learn while you do. Reflecting on who you are and what you like will help you hone your own creative spirit and better your ability to communicate what you will add to wherever you're showing your portfolio.

@: A 'TaskLister™'

It's the tried and true method to showing your basic understanding of how to use the basic tools of your trade. Make an app, program, or website that you can add, edit, and delete tasks on. Strut a bit by adding other features. Maybe a priorities feature? Maybe a calendar? Maybe it looks like its from the 80's? ––idk you do you!––

#: A Basic Game

Show off your dopeness by recreating a favorite simple game. You played snake as a kid!? Get it! You used to dominate a minesweeper leaderboard!? Why the fuck not!? You've got feather fingers? Tetris is always a fun functional challenge!

$: An Online Market

Craigslist was built in a day! Very much a lie, but how hard can it be!? In reality you're layering a site in a way that make sense. Users, Users posts, adding posts, editing posts, deleting posts, maybe even purchasing a post!?! The list goes on. All the features that are a part of an online market are the building blocks of 90% (maybe more!?(definitely not less)) of every website ever.

%: Is That A Project Board I See?

Get in the Create - Edit - Delete - Style mindset with a communal task lister. A Project Board!!! Styling becomes key here so be ready to hone those CSS skills, You're making a Project board! Build a site that lets people track and manage their progress (maybe even a multiple peoples progress) on a project. Functional and promotional!

^: You Say Tomato I Say A Thing-Finder

Build something that interacts with the myriad of API's out on the net that make accessible location data. Why not find the coolest brewery, brew-shop, or pet spa near you!? There are countless API's out there and go develop your own "Blue Steel" with a powerful use of all that Data!

&: SoSocial Media

Nurture your aging wings with a Social media site. Maybe it's a blog, or a picture sharing site, or you want to clone reddit idk dream-it dreamers! A Social media site meets almost all prerequisites for showing off. You've got style, classes, components, data-storage, data processing, users, posts, chat, comments and feeds all in one place. "It's like the new age TaskLister™" - The Zuuck, aka MKZB.

Just Do It!

Anything you build can be great it just takes time, commitment and maybe some trust in yourself. If you think it would be fun to use build it. No matter what you're building you're going to be displaying your skills. It's more than your styling or structure it's you sharing yourself through your code.

Till next time!
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