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Stop procrastinating by looking for the perfect tutorial

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share some thoughts on this regard, because It's something that I have struggle with, and I just want to share my story and see if I can help some people or just get some feedback. I hope you enjoy my little post.

Well, My name is Jorge, I'm a Computer Scientist from Colombia, I graduated in September of this year (2019). I have been struggling with procrastination since I remember. When I was studying I used to delay my homework until the last day or even the last hours of the appointment day. That of course lead me to have bad grades and a really mediocre GPA, I was really into relaxing myself and leaving important stuff for later, not only on my studies but even in my alimentary habits, my sleeping, and my health overall. I want to address that procrastination not only occurs on homework or mental related activities but it can affect our daily life, our relationships, our health both mental and physical and I can keep listing things.

I will focus on the study/learning fact so we can get to a solution for that matter.
I'm really into looking for tutorials, learning things by watching others doing it, is a good way to learn, but sometimes tutorials are disappointing, because they usually don't cover real life examples and there is always the same applications, a Todo List, a Blog...

Procrastination is a sneaky one, you may think that by watching videos, or reading technical books (without following along), you are doing such a great advance, and you are learning a lot, but if you don't code, or you don't implement what you are reading or watching. You are just procrastinating your learning, and it's almost the same as watching a Netflix series, you need to get up and start coding, follow the tutorial but go deeper, not just follow the example, challenge yourself.

We may think that by watching tutorials we well get to a point where we will be able to do anything, but it's not that simple and by procrastinating, and looking for another tutorial, of for another book, we will not be able to even write a "Hello World" by ourselves. I'm not telling you to stop watching tutorials, but to start building yourself.

It may sound hard to start when you don't know anything, if you are a beginner our if you just don't have the confidence, but I will tell you that everyone has come to feel like that at least once in his/her career, so, don't feel ashamed if you fail, or if your final result don't look like what you want it, just keep improving, keep building, keep reading documentation, keep asking people.

It happened to me a lot of times that I just purchase a tutorial, and I watch a couple of episodes and then I just leave it there, because It wasn't meaningful, don't be like me, go look for the contents, ask yourself, do I really need this? is it good for me?

My only advice here, is to think before going into the tutorial (course), book, or blog, or wherever medium you use to learn, ask yourself if this will change anything in your actual learning status, like if you will learn something new.

Finally, I just want to share a little quote with you:

Only delay things when you’ll do a better job with that extra time. Do it now, or do it better later. by Darius Foroux

Don't wait to accomplish your goals, go hunt them, go build your idea, you don't need to know everything, you will learn it on the way, you just need to start building, and stop messing around.

Hope you enjoyed this little post. If you have some recommendations or just want to add something, leave it on the comments I will be happy to see some reactions. :)

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