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Discussion on: Do you start with frontend, backend, or both?

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Andrei Dascalu • Edited

Depends - any engineer they in a team that practices devops is theoretically a devops engineer (regardless whether you do backend or ops or something else). Ken Mugrage (, one of the guys who helped coin and define the term (though not the originator or the idea) always goes at great pains to emphasize that devops is a practice and not a role (still doesn't prevent recruiters from using it as a synonym for ops, as it sounds more modern)

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Bobby Iliev

Very good points! I guess that I was going with the trend but you are right that the question should be rephrased to Ops or SRE rahther than DevOps.

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Roles in project development career path simplified:

  • BackEnd
  • FrontEnd
  • SysAdmin
  • DBAdmin

Then you can invent jobs specialised in a single thing such "test engineer... is someone who writes down tests" (ok but usually devs should write them so...) you can even go deeper and say "front end test engineer".
The same happen with DevOps and other stuff.

The only role that is not so common as it's needed to be in the industry is the person who design into HTML+CSS (layout designer).
The issue here is most of time this people studied and worked with design but not specifically with web design (or software UI design) so you need someone to translate it's designs (most of time made in Adobe XD, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop or something worse) into code.

This is a harmful process that burns devs who pick this job and the designers who are designing products-for-code without coding knowledge.
One role feels like he's hitting a silly wall that does not understand how the things work on an engineered product and the other feels like it's own creativity is melted down.

This does not happen with other engineered products such a car, on which a designer will make a concept and then the engineers will modify to match the required specifications. On the other hand, in the IT world seems that engineers have to apply a design without further analysis and modification so it harms performance, usability, SEO and much more.

just a thought, i'm back to work :D