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Discussion on: My transition and journey from a Windows operating system to Linux (Ubuntu)

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Juan C. Andreu

Fair points, specially the Thunderbird part, i agree that's more of a subjective topic :)
Forgot to say that before using PopOs I've been using Ubuntu since, uhm 2007 or so, so I know it pretty well.

I never said PopOs was Ubuntu, i just said it was *based" on it. And it's instabilities are inherited from Ubutnu and Linux itself. Tho, it might be just a hardware compatibility issue as well. I still remember when i coudn't even use WiFi xD

Linux is lacking on the desktop area, but it's the way to go for developers. Android Emulator runs faster, npm runs faster, docker is native!

I just miss some windowsy thingies time to time :P

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Andrew Garcia Author

Gotcha. About the instability inheritance, that’s the problem with many-forked distributions; if the instability is inherited from the parent distribution, it’s close to impossible to implement a patch for such, because it implies you’d have to make changes to the source-code of the OS itself! If I ever encounter major compatibility or performance issues (which I haven’t yet) with Ubuntu, I’d be ready to make the switch to Debian, which is Ubuntu’s parent dist

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Juan C. Andreu

That's a good approach!!
Have you ever used on a day to day basis any non-Debian distro?
I have but not for long. I think all the ubuntu based distros tend to have better hardware compatibility.