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Andrew Coleman
Andrew Coleman

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Could someone please explain to me how would i run an React website inside of visual studio code? I have a project that really peeks my interest into learning react. Its seems like a good library to work with so that why i have made this choice. Is there anyone who could share with me how i would be able to run any react website from within visual studio code. What would be the necessary resources things like plugins and compilers required to get a react website up and going. Thanks, andrew

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How to write a kickass README

Arguably the single most important piece of documentation for any open source project is the README. A good README not only informs people what the project does and who it is for but also how they use and contribute to it.

If you write a README without sufficient explanation of what your project does or how people can use it then it pretty much defeats the purpose of being open source as other developers are less likely to engage with or contribute towards it.