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Is technical SEO still relevant in 2019?

It seems that the internet has always proclaimed the death of SEO and its irrelevance nowadays but that's far less than the truth SEO is still very relevant and it can be used by users for better results in their search. Technical SEO is not dead, and it will remain alive for the long run. Although Google has changed its ways and made major changes in the way, they understand and deliver a result that doesn’t make technical SEO insignificant. To understand semantic search and artificial intelligence, more technical SEO is more relevant than ever. Let us take a look at the Google hummingbird, which was launched in 2013 by google to have a better understanding of semantic search.


With the appearance of Google hummingbird in 2013 semantic search also came along with it. At the core of the hummingbird update, the main reason it was created is to deliver the results in a different way. Hummingbird update is not just a simple algorithm update it wanted people to know that google would deliver the result of their search in a different way.

The goal of the hummingbird is to tackle the world questions that means that the semantic search goal is to weigh the amount of data collected by Google and deliver the accurate amount of answers to queries by the users.’ There are three main reasons why the shift is so important. To know more check New York SEO.

The whole account is taken into consideration

 Hummingbird does not take the only keyword into account, but the whole query is taken into account. This makes the results very accurate when the whole queries are taken into account google and counteract with the most accurate answers. Therefore, keywords are not that important, but the whole queries are taken into consideration.

User is taken into account

The second reason why it is so important is that the history of the user is taken into account and their search history too could be shown, and the most accurate answers are provided to the users. It is said that hummingbird always delivers a correct or accurate amount of answers.

Time and location are taken into account

Another feature of the hummingbird is that it takes into account the device type, time and location of the user and they can come up with the correct optimization based on the device. The time and location are equally important to deliver the result in the right amount of time google search came up with the semantic search.

How the update affects the SEO

Although the result displayed were different, yet the basic SEO is still applied and the other features of SEO also still apply like the links were still necessary and keywords also still applies and optimization to is important. Content is to priority in the search, and the content should be original and not copied, but all the other essentials to are necessary for the site. Although all the people think that they will write good content and they will be ranked highly, that is a mistake to think so and it doesn’t work those ways.

The biggest problem with SEO is it thinks that the algorithm knows everything, and this is not the case. The AI or artificial intelligence knows only as much as the data it receives, and they are not humans to understand everything. Google search is the biggest webpage today, and it the most trusted. Data entities are necessary to learn if google wants to optimize the pages and the entities work to make google understand how the information and concepts fit together.

Facts about the hummingbird


Hummingbird is the name given to the new search algorithm. Hummingbird gives the best result for a search it doesn’t only use keywords, but it uses the title to search, and this results in inaccurate answers.

Is SEO dead in hummingbird?

No SEO is definitely alive in the hummingbird. Although it may vary or function in a different way, yet it does not affect the SEO too much. Search engine optimization stays the same in a hummingbird. The guideline remains the same with high-quality content and original content.

What is the before and after effects of using hummingbird?

Google is yet to write about the before and after effects, but as of now, there is no information if it has any improvements or not, although it has made the search results more accurate.

Does it effects google?

The answer to that is no it does not affect google or make it worse. The people using hummingbird have not complained that the answers received have been worst, but we don't know if it has improved things or not, we can't say anything but people have not complained, so it is a success in its own ways.


Briefly, it can be said that the search semantics have helped in better search results and people have had a better experience. The hummingbird updates in its ways have helped a lot too, and it has been ranked highly, but the dawn of the hummingbird updates the SEO everyone thinks has been left dead, but it is very well and working fine. The SEO and the hummingbird can work together to help user receive better results, and it is to be said that if they cooperate, they can produce effective results.


To conclude, we must understand the relevance of SEO. It has helped a lot over the years, and its functionality has not dropped. It is still very important, and the people who use it know its relevance. Google over the years has collected a great amount of data even of the users and it is full of data so to give users the right answers is important so with the great amount of data that Google has collected with the help of the hummingbird it can give accurate and the most important answers to the queries of the users.

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