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Discussion on: Talking About Burnout

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Andrew Smith

Similar to most mental health related things, I don't think it's as discussed as it should be. I think there's support out for when it IS talked about, but I think the thing for most people is getting to a point where they actually talk about their burnout.

I think people worry that admitting that they're feeling pretty burnt out to their colleagues would yield a negative response. I think people think the idea of refusing work because of feeling burnt out, or taking time out of work because of it could be seen as being lazy, or being weak. When really it isn't, and it's a sign that you're mindful and aware of your mental state and how it affects your work.

I think there's a point for employers to ensure that it's something that's openly talked about, and that if employees need a couple days out to then come back to work and be more productive then it's something that should be encouraged.

Now, how to reduce the risk and effects of burn out? That's a difficult one, ensuring that you get regular breaks at work is one short term way, i.e going for a walk on your lunch break instead of either working through it or just sitting there. Ensuring that you're relaxing in the evenings is also of paramount important. In the long term? Ensuring that you take regular structured time away from all things work related, making sure you're getting enough sleep and following a health lifestyle, i.e eat well, don't fall victim to ploughing sugar and caffeine into your body; this will result in a false artificial energy that will only plunge you further into burnout. Likewise for exercise, it's easy to fall into the trap of just sitting at your desk, coming home and then sitting down all evening. It's important to keep your body energised through some form of exercise. Even if that's quick 15 minute walks throughout the day.

How have I dealt with it? Have I experience it? Yes most definitely, I think there's very few people who HAVEN'T experienced it. I deal with it in the ways I've just specified, as well as through ensuring that I take regular holidays from work at even points throughout the year.

Burnout is one of those things, where it may be difficult to talk about, but as soon as you do there's an entire community out there of people who have similar feelings; you're really not alone when it's come to it!

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Waqar Mohammad Author


Thanks for such a detailed response and amazing advice!