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re: The distinction between playtime and worktime is the biggest challenge for me. I don't have a place of my own yet, so my bedroom is my office for n...

I have the same feeling. It's really hard to separate playtime and worktime if they happen in the same space. This idea just popped in my head as I'm writing: maybe there could be some furniture that is specific for work/play, or some item -- a headset or maybe a mug -- that means, "Okay, I'm in work mode" or "Okay, it's playtime."

Also, you mentioning this reminds me of this article or something that I read a long while back about how a famous programmer had the same issue, and finally decided that if he was going to work from home, he would work in his closet. In that closet, the only thing he would do is code. Apparently, that worked out really well for him. Wish I could find that article (or maybe it was a podcast?)... 🤔


There's a chapter in REMOTE that touches on that sort of idea. The author approached it with footwear and attire. Some pants or shoes during work hours, and slippers and sweats during downtime.

Ahh, I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking of it. I think it's a good start. I've had many times where I got sick of my jeans though and switched back into sweats. (oops)

Definitely will keep thinking about ways of differentiating my space at home for work purposes though.

Has the book helped you a lot with working remote?

It's been a while since I've read through the book, and admittedly all of these comments are encouraging me to give it its second read. It definitely helped me to pick up a few tips from an office of veteran remote workers. The advice in the book isn't just for employees though. It offers a lot of advice for employers interested in offering remote options.

Also, don't forget about casual Friday. :P

Ahaha yes. I think if I were full remote I would definitely have casual Fridays. Gotta give legs a break from the pants.

Jokes aside, I would take it seriously. It's a bit counterintuitive, but having a day where I wear whatever I want at home, while working, would really make me want to work.

Also definitely going to check out the book. As a team we're trying to work on how to properly have a remote-friendly workplace; so far I'd say we're doing pretty well, but it never hurts to try to be better.

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