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Definitely have a plan for getting your dev environment set up! That will save you as much time as possible to start developing. Of course, it might still take a while to do anyway since you'll have to see what your company needs you to install, but it makes the process much less of a nightmare if you know ahead of time what you personally need.

My apprenticeship here (The Practical Dev) had some pairing, and it definitely helps to get comfortable pairing again, if you aren't already. I always articulated what I was going to do, what I am currently doing, and why I am doing something in a certain way.

One way of evaluating your learning is to see how much of the project you understand. For example (a web development example), my first two weeks I had no idea which routes led to what, and what xyz controller did. I spent a decent amount of time just looking at the server logs and seeing what happened when I clicked this button or submitted this form.

Also, asking lots and lots of questions helps! It shows that you're curious and wanting to engage with what you're learning.


Thank you, Andy! That helps a lot! I am doing a tutorial using the framework they use just to get more familiar with :)
I think that doing pair programming will be a challenge to me, it will be my first time but very excited to learn all this cool stuff. Thank you so much :D

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