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Discussion on: Upgrading my WFH desk setup

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Andy Piper Author

omg! apart from not individually calling out the keyboard and trackpad (both Apple), I didn't mention the chair! Great question!

... it's another thing up for an upgrade. Right now, it's a relatively cheap one from IKEA. Again, this is day zero / day one (today!), so this is in my mental list to review :-) any recommendations?

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Jonny Eom

Chairs really depend on the person.
For me, I don't have too many recommendations since I am looking for a new one.

Budget: I've used the Hyken chair for the last 4 years, a really good chair under 150$ id say. Budget? go for this.
Best: Out of the "Top recommended ones" right now I am testing the Aeron. I like it so far! I think mesh is the way to go for me. I have tried the Leap V2 from Steelcase, I found it uncomfortable after an hour or two.
As a dev, I think, yes, don't cheap out too much on the chair. You don't have to go top of the line and spend $500+ but, if you were to spend extra on something, chair would be top 3.

For reference, I am a lighter dude, ~155 lbs. 6ft.

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Andy Piper Author

Thanks, Jonny, appreciate this advice!