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Preview of My New Portfolio Page

angelyoung24 profile image Angel Young ・2 min read

For accountability purposes, I am going to post about my progress on my portfolio page. I am not expecting nor want advice on how to improve it. Though if you do feel obligated to comment on something that I didn't think about I may take that advice.


I started on a portfolio page about a year ago but I didn't know how to make it my portfolio page. It had my old headshot on it and I am glad that mess got updated.

I used the design from my old website (this was before the controversial Squarespace site that this site is replacing.) I decided my home page would be a hero page.

This site is by no means done and could take me a few weeks to do it. Here are more screenshots and descriptions of where I want them to go.


The about page is simple. I don't expect anything fancy except links to be added to it. I will be linking my school even though it closed (unless it's a dead link by now) along with Philly Tech Sistas, my home Toastmasters club, among others.

It is also the only page right now that is responsive. I plan for all pages to be responsive, this one just easier to make responsive.


This page is very much under construction and will be going last being built. I am thinking of linking my PDF of my resume once it gets improved. Right now it's a white page and screen capping a blank page is not necessary.


I am trying to replicate what I did on Squarespace. I might have to implement bootstrap for this part. So far it looks like a hot mess and I look forward to having it look a lot better. What I want it to look like is below.


I want this page to be simple. Not as simple as this. I do want my twitter and Instagram feed on the page and I also understand if it's not professional if I include it. I might put the font awesome as a consistent footer.

How I am Building It?

Right now, I am using simple HTML and CSS since I am working off files from a year ago. This is so I can have a good structure to go off of. However, I plan to switch to GatsbyJS since I am realizing that I have a component as a header and footer. I have created the Gatsby page so I can move some of the code in there.


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