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What Developers NEED to know when working with designs (video)

In this video, I show you how an app design is made Designer first, then Developer first. We will be using UXPin as this is a platform that will show us how to do both -​.
In this crash course, we will go over what a Developer needs to know about prototyping in a small to large Company, and how to make the designer-developer handoff, as well as all the iterations much smoother.

0:00​ - Introduction
0:59​ - Working Designer first - the flow
3:49​ - Working Developer first - the flow
5:18​ - Creating Designs in UXPin
9:19​ - Commenting and collaborative work
10:43​ - Generating code from Designs
12:43​ - Designing Interactions
13:26​ - Importing coded U.I Components into UXPin Merge
14:47​ - Arranging Components
17:18​ - Passing props
19:37​ - GitHub Repositories
20:15​ - Conclusion

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