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6 reasons to build your own PC

Good morning!
In my video I talk about 6 reasons for building your own PC.
Let's connect on Twitter! 😊

Happy Saturday.⭐️

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Matt Curcio

I find I don't necessarily save money when building desktops. Over time, I have made two types of computers. One machine is where I want a certain level of performance/speed/memory, etc., and two) a cheap box I can experiment on. In the first type by definition, the cost is not an issue. Then there is the cheap one, where I want to use my old parts. I have two or three old hds around but need a new board to tie them together. So cost is not really an issue here either.

Also, several people (I knew) have made the argument that you can't really build a 'cheaper' computer than a company because a single user cannot buy in bulk and receive the discounts that a large company would get.

But I do feel that everyone should noodle around with desktops and laptops.
My 2 cents, ;)

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Anja • Edited

Thanks for sharing!😊 Yes there sure are good ready to buy ones with a reasonable price. It depends on your needs. 👍 And it's great when you know how exactly your hardware works and it is not a black box, especially for devs. Happy Sunday. 😊