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Tips and Tricks to make you into a Discord Master

Discord is an ideal platform for collaboration and hosting communities. Whether you love playing games, collaborating with your team mates or indulging in niche hobbies - there is a Discord channel for you. And with such diverse, customizable features like voice channels, text channels, custom servers, and so much more - the popularity of Discord will continue to increase.

Owing to such diverse features and complex servers, there are always new and interesting features to discover. You will also face a number of common problems if you are not a Discord expert.

But worry not! Because we have created a comprehensive guide that talks about everything Discord! With this guide you are all set to begin your journey to Master the amazing platform that is Discord.

1. How to link Twitch to Discord on your computer or mobile device?‍

If you’ve been using Discord for a while, then you are also probably well aware that it is highly integrable. Discord allows you to integrate with a number of third-party tools to enhance your overall experience. In this particular article, we are going to see how to link Twitch to Discord.

2.[Fixed] You are being rate limited - Discord

If you’ve come across this message on Discord and are wondering what it means, then you are at the right place. In this article, we’ve explained the causes of the ‘You are being rate limited’ Discord message as well as what you can do to fix it. Apply these fixes and get running.

3. [Fixed] Discord Screen Share No Audio‍

If you’ve come across the ‘Discord screen share no audio’ error while screen sharing on Discord, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn quick fixes to resolve this problem easily.

4. Discord slow mode: What it is and how to enable it‍

Discord has an endless collection of super cool features and slow mode is one of them. But, few people are familiar with the slow mode on Discord. In this guide, we elaborate on all the details you need to know about Discord slow mode. Learn what it is, how to enable and disable it and customize the slow mode as per your needs.

5. How to Send Videos on Discord‍

Discord allows you to only upload files that are up to 8MB in size, unless you buy Discord Nitro. However, most videos are over that size limit. Hence, in this article, we show you how to send videos on Discord that are over the 8MB video uploading limit

6. Multiple Discord Accounts - How to use multiple accounts at once‍

So, how do you make use of multiple Discord accounts at the same time without having to type in your user credentials every single time? In this blog, you’ll find a way to make use of your Discord accounts on the same device, mobile or computer. Also find answers to some other common questions about having more than one account on Discord.

7. What Does ‘Idle’ Mean In Discord?‍

What does Idle mean in Discord? How does Idle differ from Invisible or Do not Disturb in Discord? In this article, you’ll find out the answers to these questions and more.

8. How to Uninstall Discord on Windows and Mac‍

If you are looking for ways to completely remove Discord from your PC or mobile phone, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have included a comprehensive guide on how to uninstall Discord.

9. How to find someone on Discord if you don’t know their tag?‍

If you’ve tried the Discord ‘Add friends’ feature, then you know that you can’t find members unless you know their tag. Check out how to find someone on Discord using multiple methods in this article. Find other Discord members even if you don't know their tag or username.

10. How to Clear Discord Cache Files on Desktop and Mobile‍

Building up Discord Cache can drastically affect the performance of the app. Hence, in this article, you’ll learn how to clear Discord Cache on both your Mobile and Desktop.

11. How to Make a Poll on Discord - A step-by-step Guide‍

Even if you are a part of a company that uses Discord for work-related conversations, using polls on Discord can be really helpful. You can ask all members of the team when or where to hold a company retreat, for instance, or generate quantitative feedback on a new product feature by asking simple yes/no questions. There are many ways to create a poll on Discord, as we explore in more detail in this article.

12. How To Add Discord Widget To Your Site‍

Discord is a platform that makes it really easy to build and engage with a community of like-minded people - using “servers” aka chat rooms. If you have a Discord community and want to showcase it on your own website for promotional purposes, the Discord widget is a simple and effective way to do so.

13. Best Discord Music Bot Suggestions

Best Discord Music bots have the ability to play songs, display lyrics, and even suggest music like your favourite music streaming platforms. There is a coveted list of tried and tested discord music bots that are available to use on the internet. In this article, we list them down for you along with a short guide on everything about the best Discord music bot you’ll need to know.

14. Best Discord Servers to Make Friends

If you are an extroverted social butterfly who is looking to make some online friends, then you must check out Discord servers to make friends online. In this article, we have listed down the best Discord servers to make friends, so you can find some online buddies to chill with on the best servers out there.

15. [Fixed] Discord Search Not Working on PC and Mobile‍

Many users have faced the Discord search not working issue. This can be very frustrating if you urgently need to locate an old message on Discord. So to help you fix this issue, in this article, we have written all the possible solutions you can try out so that you can search seamlessly on Discord. We have solutions for both PC and Mobile phone users.

16. [Solved] Discord Push to Talk not working‍

The Push to Talk feature in Discord helps suppress all the background noises during a group call. The feature really adds to the overall quality of the call, so it’s important you know how to fix this issue. Hence, in this article, we have written a guide on how to fix the Discord Push to Talk not working error with only a few steps. Follow the instructions carefully to have your Discord calls running as usual.

Discord Alternatives

Discord is a very easy to use, consumes very little data, is miles ahead in terms of its privacy policy, and can be downloaded for free. It has very successfully expanded from just a gaming-based audience to every niche community possible. To help you find the best Discord alternatives, we have compiled a list of top Discord alternatives with a detailed review of their best features.

Discord Names

If you are an active user of Discord and are a part of multiple servers, then you might be knowing that you can use a different name on every server. This really cool feature makes it possible to have an identity that is best suited for a particular server. However, it could happen that you’re not in a rut and can’t seem to find the best name to use. Worry not, though, as the below Discord names collection is just right for you.
If you love these set of name suggestions, you can also check out our other blogs like Group Chat Names, Gaming Names for all your discord gaming servers, Engineering Team Names, Crew Names for your ace gaming crew, Robotic Names and Aesthetic Usernames so you can chill on Discord with the coolest, most aesthetic usernames out there!

Discord related newsletters are quite popular among the masses. Since the application is so complicated your readers will appreciate a weekly dose of knowledge about their favourite app. So if you end deciding to start your own Discord newsletter you will first have decide a name. So to make your task a little easier here is a newsletter names guide to get you started.

We also have a list of amazing hackathon team names and scrum team names

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