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Single Number

Problem Statement

Given a non-empty array of integers nums, every element appears twice except for one. Find that single one.

You must implement a solution with a linear runtime complexity and use only constant extra space.


  • First if there are no elements in the list return None.
  • Keep track of numbers occurring once in singleSet and multiple times in multipleSet.
  • Now go over each element in singleSet, and return the first element in singleSet.


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class Solution:
    def singleNumber(self, nums: list[int]) -> int:
        if len(nums) < 1: return None

        singleSet: set = set()
        multipleSet: set = set()

        startingPoint: int = 0
        endingPoint: int = len(nums) - 1

        while startingPoint <= endingPoint:
            if nums[startingPoint] in singleSet:

            elif nums[startingPoint] not in multipleSet:

            if startingPoint == endingPoint:
                startingPoint += 1
                endingPoint -= 1

            if nums[endingPoint] in singleSet:

            elif nums[endingPoint] not in multipleSet:

            startingPoint += 1
            endingPoint -= 1

        for num in singleSet:
            return num

        return None
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Leetcode Result

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